Extreme low rates
Action rates
DestinationPence per minute
albania (landline)13
algeria (landline)10
afghanistan (mobile)10
afghanistan (landline)10
american samoa (mobile)7
albania (mobile)25
Calls from mobiles may be higher
cheap international calls

Budgetcom offers an easy way to call all major international destinations at the lowest possible rates. You don't need to open an account, no hassle with credit cards or additional bills. All you need is a phone and one of our access numbers.

How to make the Call

  1. Dial the relevant access number for the country you wish to call
  2. At the prompt dial your international destination number in full (including 00)*
  3. That's all there is to it!

* you can dial your destination number at any time during the prompt.


The prices shown on this site are charges per minute for calling the Budgetcom access number and you are charged per second from connection to our serviceYou need to check with your service provider how much they will charge for calls made to the our access numbers. Some mobile service providers even bundle some of the Budgetcom access numbers into certain free minutes packages.

If you are thinking of using a Budgetcom access number from your mobile phone please first check the charges with your service provider.