Extreme low rates
Action rates
DestinationPence per minute
afghanistan (landline)10
andorra (mobile)15
algeria (landline)10
andorra (landline)15
albania (landline)13
Calls from mobiles may be higher
cheap international calls
How do I use Budgetcom?
Simply call the access number stated by the destination you wish to call, followed by the complete international number. That's all.

How do I sign up for your services?
To use Budgetcom you don't need to register. You can just dial the access number that allows you to phone the international destination you want.

How much does a call to COUNTRY X cost?
First, find out which access number you need to dial for your favourite country. Then look at the price stated behind that access number, this is the price per minute for your call and includes VAT and the costs for the international part of the call.

Please check with your service provider if they bill per second or per minute.

Your service provider also usually charges a minimum charge or connection fee for each call; Please contact your service provider.

Please note that your phone provider may charge additional costs for calls to access numbers. Contact your provider for the exact costs.

How much can I save by using Budgetcom instead of BT?
Please click here to check how much you can save compared to BT tariffs.

Can I use Budgetcom from payphones?
The access numbers of Budgetcom are accessible from any UK phone, including payphones. However, be aware that calls from payphones could be surcharged from mobiles and cost more than the price stated on this website.

Can I use Budgetcom for calls inside the UK?
Budgetcom offers cheap access rates to call international destinations and UK mobiles. It is not aimed to call UK landlines at cheaper rates. It is cheaper to use your normal telephone provider for local and national calls.

How are my calls billed?
The charges for calls to our access numbers will simply appear on your normal phone bill from your telephone provider (usually BT or NTL).

Do calls made from UK mobiles attract a surcharge?
If you are ringing from a mobile you could be surcharged by your mobile operator. This depends on your mobile operator and which tariff plan you have. We advise you to get in touch with your mobile phone provider to double check if they surcharge on calls to our access numbers.

Why did you change the access number for COUNTRY X?
Prices may vary. Whenever we have a (temporary) price drop, we can offer some countries at even lower priced access numbers. When these price drops end, we'll have to change back the access number also. If you have encountered Budgetcom during one of these actions, please keep in mind that our standard-rates are extremely low as well! To make sure you're always calling the cheapest access number possible, simply signup for our free newsletter.

Can I use these access numbers outside the UK?
Unfortunately our access numbers will only work in the United Kingdom. So if you live abroad or if you are on holiday outside the UK I am afraid you cannot make use of our services.

Am I able to use Budgetcom when NTL is my service provider?
Budgetcom access numbers can be used from most landlines including NTL lines. The charges for calls to our access numbers will simply appear on your normal NTL phone bill. NTL charges the same rates as BT for our access numbers.

When do call charges take effect?
When you dial a Budgetcom access number you will be charged from the moment you are connected to our service. However, should your call not be answered, you will get a message from our operator and you will be disconnected. Your call should not take more than two minutes.

What are "network extras" in the message: "calls cost {X}p per minute plus network extras"?
You will hear this message on all premium rate numbers. "Network extras" simply means that some providers charge additional fees for premium rate calls.
Please advise your network provider for more information.