Extreme low rates
Action rates
DestinationPence per minute
albania (landline)13
algeria (mobile)60
afghanistan (landline)10
andorra (landline)15
albania (mobile)25
american samoa (landline)7
algeria (landline)10
Calls from mobiles may be higher
cheap international calls


  • Callers must obtain the bill payers permission before calling.
  • Your mobile phone provider may charge additional costs for calls to access numbers. Ask your mobile network operator for the exact costs.
  • Charging will start directly after the spoken tariff information, you will also be charged if the number you wish to call isn't answered or is engaged.
  • So please hang up if you notice the other side will not answer to avoid unnecessary costs
  • Network extras may apply

Enter the name or country code from the country which you like to
call or click on the first letter of the country you would like to call.  
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Find the access code of the country you would like to call.

Dial the access number, give in the internatonal telephone number you would like to reach and finish with the hash-button (#).